OWLS in the Government

Benson here. Government Liaison Officer. You may know that OWLs are very active in the world of politics and share a great deal of excitement over government initiatives promoting reading in schools. This year is no exception with the OWLs getting right behind the Victorian Government and the Premier's Reading Challenge.

What could be more exciting than a competition about reading books? Well the Premier's Reading Challenge is just that. Simply log on to the Government's web site to register your participation. Read your favourite books from the Premier's book list. If you complete the set number of books before the competition closes you will be eligible to receive a certificate from the Premier of Victoria!

Good luck to you all!

The competition closes on 31 August. All information is available at:

Book Lists

The following Book Lists provide the Call Numbers for Premier's Reading Challenge books available in your Library:


OWL Agent Benson
Government Liaison Officer